Can you make money gambling online by playing domino qiu qiu?

If you enjoy playing domino qiu qiu with friends offline, but have not yet played the popular Indonesian gambling game online, you may be wondering if you can make money by doing so.

After all, with hundreds of thousands of online gamblers making money on all kinds of games, surely it is possible to do the same with domino qiu qiu?


Improve your skills — Before ever attempting to win money on domino qiu qiu or bandarQ, work on your skills so they are better than they have ever been.

Competition can be tough online, but payouts are generally high. That means if you can beat highly skilled players on a consistent basis, you could find yourself regularly earning a substantial amount of money.


Domino 99 and domino QQ — There are plenty of online casinos offering domino qiu qiu. This is particularly the case with sites owned by Indonesian companies.

When looking for a site to gamble on, however, do be aware those offering domino 99 and domino QQ are talking about the same game.


Find a reputable casino — You will not make money playing domino qiu qiu online unless you find a reputable casino offering it.

The easiest way to do this is to ask other online players where they generally play the bulk of their domino qiu qiu games. Once you have a list of casinos, you can then check out the reputations of each with a quick online search.


Register with several casinos — If you really want to make money playing domino qiu qiu, be sure to register with more than one casino.

This will then give you access to games with the highest payouts, and sites that are offering the largest cash bonuses.


Take advantage of cash bonuses — One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of winning when gambling online at domino qiu qiu is to only sign up with sites offering cash bonuses.

Before you do, however, compare bonuses at a number of sites, then choose the site with the biggest bonus and the most repeat bonuses.

Remember, free cash bonuses is free cash to spend gambling online. The more cash bonuses you get, the more money you have to gamble with and the more chances you have of winning games.


Play the free games — The most important thing to do when trying to win money gambling on domino qiu qiu online is to start by playing the free games.

Each site offers free domino qiu qiu games that enable you to learn how the site works and what strategies to use to win money.

Play for several hours so that, when you join the real games, you will already understand how everything works.