Online poker: tournaments vs cash games, which one is more profitable?

Cash Games Versus Poker Tournaments: Which One Is Better and Is There A Difference?

Yes, there is a difference. Here are some differences between the two.

The Main Differences


The Cash games are played on one table, whereas, a tournament can either consist of one table or more. Cash games have the players exchange money for chips. There is also a limit to how much you can buy-in for one game. In tournaments, the players can choose a buy-in option for the same amount every time.



Most players have the option to quit a cash game at any time. They can then go and trade their chips in for cash. A tournament works differently. A tournament ends when one player has all the chips. That is why I said before that some games last for sixteen hours or more. This is where the hardcore professionals and high-rollers come to play. Every player is paid based on where they ended in the tournament.

Cash players play for short periods.



With cash games, the blind stays the same(stakes depending). That can be of some comfort to players. Tournaments have the blinds increase every fifteen minutes. Players who are skilled in playing blinds are the only ones who should attempt a tournament. Tournaments can get rough if you do not know what you are doing. Many amateurs have lost their entire bankrolls playing lesser hands.


Playing Cash Games

This should be played by those who are new to poker. Cash games are a great way to learn the basics and rules. They also help you get better with your strategies and handle your money better. Play with some family and friends(people who are not going to take your money harshly).

Family and friends(the ones you trust) are not going to take advantage. They can help you build experience and knowledge(especially when you play with family and friends who also play poker).


Playing In A Tournament

This is where it gets more intense. Professionals(for the most part) are the only ones who get involved with tournaments. Those who are not professionals are also invited, but you have to be very skilled. You have to be skilled enough to play at the top level, and very few are.

You do have to pay a fee(usually $5). Say, for example, you win $50 or more. The $5 fee stays there and the rest goes into the pool for later. Say, for example, the tournament pays the first ten players out of 100 or so. You only win if you are in the top ten. Prepare for more intensity when entering a tournament. More poker tips and valuable information can be found on score88poker.

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